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OOO NVPНКЕМЗ (G. New Kakhovka, Ukraine) – an enterprise with more than 60 years of production experience The plant was founded in 1955. and was called “Novokakhovsk Electric Machine Building Plant” – NKEMZ. In the 90s it was transformed into OJSC “Южелектромаш“. Since 2015. of the year – current name.

Specializes in the design and manufacture of three-phase asynchronous electric motors and generators with squirrel-cage rotor - explosion-proof and general industrial, the height of the axis of rotation 90-450 mm, capacity from 0,75 kW to 315,0 kw, for AC power supply with frequency 50 Hz or 60 Hz, tension 220/380 V, 380/660 In or 660/1140 In various designs and climates and offers the following products for delivery:

General industrial electric motors series AIRU, 4AMU, 6AMU, 8AMU, 4AMNU, 4AMSU, 4AMRU

General industrial electric motors series AMU and explosion-proof series 2AIMS

  • with connection of power to overall dimensions according to the standard СЕНЕЛЕК (FROM 42673, 42677);

Explosion-proof electric motors:

  • for chemical, gas, oil refining series AIM, AIMM, 2AIMM, AIMMV;
  • for the coal industry series AIU, 2AIU, VAIU, АИУМ;

Mine fans for local ventilation VMEU 15,0-25,0 kw;

Special-purpose electric motors:

  • For nuclear power plants, including. for the sealed area;
  • For air coolers series ASVO 5K, VASO 5K, VASO 7K;
  • For rail transport series 4АЖ112-225;

Variable frequency motors 6AMU100-315 RP

Explosion-proof electric motors VAOK5 with phase rotor

  • For driving quarry drilling rigs AMRU280M4BU1;

Crane-metallurgical induction motors 4MTKU

Crane electric motors squirrel cage rotor

Asynchronous generators for wind power plants and small hydro power plants

The products of our company are successfully used at mechanical engineering enterprises, housing and communal services, energy (including. atomic and wind turbines power plants), coal, oil and gas, chemical, metallurgical, shipbuilding industry – Of Ukraine, countries of near and far abroad.

NVP “НКЕМЗ” has a modern engineering center, experimental and research base, pilot production. The company implements its own scientific and management innovations. The development of samples of new products is carried out using computer-aided design systems. At the same time, the innovative activity of the plant is not limited only to design solutions., a is a comprehensive approach to management initiatives.

A comprehensive ISO quality management system has been successfully implemented in production 9001:2015. More details >>>


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